Friday, April 07, 2006

Weekend Herb Blogging 2

These days, I don't have nearly enough time to spend in the kitchen as I'd like. I have, however, managed to put some energy into building a new herb garden.

As of March 26th, the following were planted: Oregano, Thyme, Italian Parsley, Chives and Purple Sage! Also included in this bunch is a Roma Tomato plant and a baby Rosemary and Lavendar bush. Since then I've also planted some garlic and scallions but I'll save them for a future entry.

The Tomato plant has been growing non-stop as well as the Purple Sage and Flat-Leaf Itailian Parsley. I actually pinched off a baby branch off of the tomato and am currently rooting it in the house.

The Basil plant was given to me as a gift around Christmas time from Sarah, a co-worker of Mark's. It survived in a pot over most of the winter as I did have to bring it in the house a few nights It was the first to be planted when I finished building the garden and it has come back quite nicely! This plant has already started going to seed.

Sage, Basil, Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary are my Five basic herbs that I love to have available all year. I hoping the rosemary, thyme and sage will survive throughout next winter.

It took twelve 40 pound bags of top soil/garden soil; two 40 pound bags of Hummus and two large (50 lbs?) bags of miracle grow garden soil to build this garden. I built this garden around a lone peach hibscus bush that was already planted and it's just the first of many to be built! More in tomorrow's entry . . .

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