Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 2006 Pictorial Garden Update

Just a few pictures to show how the garden is coming along. Although quite small, it's doing quite well, especially with the lack of rain, but that seems to be changing. The Roma/Plum Tomato plant is just full of fruit!

This first picture, above, is of the tomato plant that can be seen rooting in a blue glass jar on the window sill in the, "My Gardening Inspiration" entry. This is how it looks as of May 13th. It's growing very nicely and even has a few flowers on it.

The Roma/Plum Tomato Plant

It looks like it just might be a good harvest and soon!!

This is the basil plant which is beginning to flower. I planted some more seeds yesterday.

The Italian Flat Leaf Parsley. I used this is a dish I made for last nights dinner, Oregano & White Wine Chicken which will be tomorrows post.

And this was the plant from which the Oregano was used!

Purple Sage and Lavendar

Happy Gardening!


Dee said...

I want tomato and basil salad when I come to visit!!!

Joe said...

Love being able to see the progress Tony! I could not start anything this year since we are moving... but once we get moved - watch out!

TC in the Kitchen said...

Joe, can't wait to see what you will be growing in your enviornment!

Dee - Pleasse come soon!! The tomatoes and basil are so very ready! Miss you!