Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Keto Meal: Cheesesteak Salad with Grilled Onions, Peppers and Mushrooms

This is a post on my Keto Lifestyle Journey. As of this posting, I have lost 21 pounds. I had to get creative with my meals and wanted to share them. Being a native from the Philadelphia area, there is nothing better than a really good cheesesteak on an Amoroso roll. So here is my Keto solution...enjoy!
First, saute the onions, peppers and mushrooms.

Next Prep the Steak Meat  - if you can't find Chip Steak the equivalent would be the Steak-umm brand. Give it a chop before frying and I cooked them in a separate pan.

Last, Cook the Steak and top with your favorite cheese, prep your salad and then top with the onion, pepper & mushroom. Add you're favorite keto dressing. Ranch works well with this salad. Enjoy!!

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